NF2 Skin Booster Treatment

NF2 Skin Booster is used Germany 4MHZ thermal matrix point penetration technique, producing high energy by “tungsten needle conduction” to promote cell recombination, accelerate microcirculation ,and the skin protein channel is instantly opened by “Nano silicon water”, push skin nutrient solution to the required skin layer intelligently.

Promote cell replacement recombination, stimulate new cell and let it produce more active hyaluronic acid cell tissue, enhance nutrient absorption values and prolong the drug effective time, slow the aging of your skin and skin rejuvenating.

The combination of microcrystalline water and light with radio frequency technology, which is unique in the latest technology, emits RF energy at the same time as replenishing water to promote collagen regeneration and achieve the effect of replenishing water at the same time.

Treatment Duration : 1 hour 45 minutes

Benefits :

For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo this treatment monthly as a standard practice (frequency varies based on age and facial concerns).

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