Needle-less Peptide Anti-Ageing Treatment

Peptide Anti-ageing Treatment is efficient and safe when compare to traditional beauty therapy and esthetical surgery. Its take the advantage of highly active multiple peptides to activate the elastin and fibroblasts of the skin dermis, as to achieve firmer, lifter and smoother skin. The nanotechnology and special designed composition enable solution penetrate to the deeper skin with better absorption yet a painless experience.

Peptide molecules are highly minute and active; it can be penetrated by utilizing the pressure device. Peptide Anti-ageing Treatment use needle-less approach to penetrate peptides and nutrients to the desired skin layer. It reduces the pain and down time of invasive esthetical treatments, yet delivers visible result within 7 – 21 days.

Treatment Duration : Please contact us for more information.

Benefits :

For optimal results, it is recommended to undergo this treatment monthly as a standard practice (frequency varies based on age and facial concerns).

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